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IOD score card

Walking: Five Short Stories from the Sands, by W.G. White (4:58)

Today we see that establishing a world where things are clearly different doesn’t mean readers won’t apply their own assumptions anyway. What I gleaned about the stories: The world we…

IOD score card

Strange Stories And Novellas, by Jillian Kulp (0:56)

Today we see that, while a spellchecker is no substitute for an editor, readers will be strongly concerned if a book hasn’t even been spellchecked. What I gleaned about the…

Lonely Out in Space: A Collection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Stories, by M.R. Holman (0:47)

Today we see that finding a formatting issue within another distraction makes both issues even more distracting. What I gleaned about the stories: To the objective witness, life lacks drama. Find…

IOD score card

Short, Sharp Shocks: A Collection of Hit ‘n’ Run Fiction, by Simon Wood (2:03)

Today we see that editorial issues with the title of your book signal trouble ahead. What I gleaned about the stories: Insurance company employees are so precise that they cling to formal…

IOD score card

Sonoran Dreams: Three Short Stories from Exile, by Robb Grindstaff (2:33)

Today we see that lists of things are supposed to be easy to read.