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Get On Board Little Children, by Victoria Randall (4:05)

Today we see that any conversation that begins with “You already know this…” is heading for the rocks.

Rarity from the Hollow, by Robert Eggleton (10:12)

Today we see that adult topics in children’s dialogue strains credibility, especially when the children are otherwise very child-like.

Announcing: Squeak! — my fantasy picture book for pre-schoolers

Today I am thrilled to announce the imminent release of Squeak!, my fantasy picture book for preschoolers. On April 25, this gorgeously illustrated, 32-page adventure will at last be set loose upon the world, and I can’t tell you how satisfying this will be for me. Because it’s the fruition of a journey that started 22 years ago.


Being alone doesn’t mean there’s no one to play with. In a land where every parent is a king or queen and every house a castle, Princess Brinnameade has a…