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IOD Score card

Amber Fang, Book 2: Betrayal, by Arthur Slade (40:00)

Today we see that playing to your protagonist’s strengths can inspire an engaging start. What I gleaned about the story: Vampires are awesome in the cold. And a smart-assed AI…

Amber Fang, by Arthur Slade (40:00)

Today brings us another winner! This time it’s a spunky vampire librarian assassin.

The Viper and the Urchin, by Celine Jeanjean (3:35)

Today we see that if a character claims elegance, the prose with which he does so had better not be clumsy.

Death of a Hero, by C.B. Wright (16:22)

Today we see that continuity miscues can really rattle the immersion cage.

Catskinner’s Book, by Misha Burnett (40:00)

Today we see that a reader invested by a smooth opening is much more forgiving of later bumps.