Short Stories

I don’t write a lot of short work. I prefer the larger canvas of the novel. And when I do write something short, finding a place to publish it can take years, and a lot of time managing the submission cycles. But that’s sort of at odds with the new age of publishing, and I don’t see the point in keeping a work out of circulation for that long.

So instead, I see short fiction as little samplers of my work. They’re also a great way to feed you, the insatiable mob of fans that hound my every waking moment. By throwing you an occasional meal of short fiction, I hope to keep you at bay and preserve the more delicate meat I call a body for as long as humanly possible.

Here then, are the stories I’ve released so far. Enjoy.

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A short story about a salesman and his dog.The Old Soft Sell

In this quirky homage to quieter days, door-to-door salesman Neil Dickers makes the rounds with his faithful companion, Barkley. But what exactly is this guy selling?
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cover-smBodies of Evidence

What really goes on in the seedy world of super villains? And where do they get all those henchmen, anyway? Get a look into this secret industry when long-time disposal man Sid DeAngelo breaks in a new recruit for Corpus Corp. You’ll never look at Big Evil the same way again.
Download: For free in PDFEPUB/Kobo/Nook, or Kindle format.

FF-Cover-Solo-cars-2700Famine, With Fries

When Congress outlaws drive-thru dining across the US, a small Canadian border town is caught like a deer in the headlights of the slavering hordes who are coming north, all looking for a burger and fries, to go.

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