Episodic Serials

In addition to novels and short stories, I’ve recently begun experimenting with a more in-between format that I l call “episodic serials.” Each release is another adventure in an ongoing saga, but they tend to be longer than typical stories, with some even verging into novella territory.

I like this format because I like having a shorter project on the side that I can just jump into when my main project is driving me crazy, which happens more often than I like to admit. Nothing defeats frustration like a solid day of unbridled productivity.

13th Advocate series banner

An old bounty hunter’s plan to retire is scuttled when a doddering old crone traps him into accepting one last mission: become the “chosen one” and save the world. Of all the brain-bruised nincomp— Well, if somebody’s got to be chosen, at least it ain’t some wet-in-the-codpiece farm boy who’d just get turned to evil by the first underwench who flipped her skirts at him. Besides, a license to kick ass in high places and the magical juice to back it up? That might be worth checking out at least. Won’t it?


Dowager's Largess cover#1 The Dowager’s Largess (short story)

Karsten and Babette are an unlikely pair. One is a violent man at the end of a violent career, the other is the llama who carries his gear. With reflexes slowing and his appetite for brutality fading, Karsten has begun to think about a quiet retirement and maybe a woman to keep him warm. But when a simple wager over a bottle of beer goes disastrously wrong, those dreams are ensnared in the tendrils of a curse and the pair must swear service to the distant Dowager Empress

Or forfeit a year of their lives for every day they resist.

Available on: Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Nook, and others.

Demon of the Sands cover#2 Demon of the Sands (novella)

With a killing sun overhead, an ancient evil on their tail, and no idea how to use the powers they’ve been given, Karsten and Babette take shelter in the desert city of Pryloon, hoping to discover the hand guiding the evil that hunts them. Before it discovers them.

Available on: Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Nook, and others.