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Days Gone Bad, by Eric R. Asher (3:21)

Today we see that galloping I disease isn’t just about the narrator—other characters can trigger it too. What I gleaned about the story: Damian sees dead people. Like his sister, Beth, who might be a vampire. And together they fight crime. I think. Find this book on…

Shiny New Swindle, by Simon Cantan (12:54)

this is giving it a case of GallopingIDisease as well. (See this previous review for more about that particular problem.) Just to be sure, I flipped forward a few more pages, and kept seeing it. Repeated headwords. Repeated sentence structures. Subject verb noun. Subject verb noun. One…

The King’s Sword, by C. J. Brightley (8:27)

…border_color=”#A3C194″]WTF #2: Galloping “Idisease.[/dropshadowbox] Analysis: The simple declarative sentences combined with a 1st person narrator creates a steady stream of “I” pronouns. No one sentence was problematic, but they occur very frequently, often with three or four “I“…

Justice in an Age of Metal and Men, by Anthony Eichenlaub (17:17)

…been seeing a lot of what I call “GallopingIdisease” lately, and this sure looks like another candidate. Although it was possible it was being done for a sort of fancy rhythmic effect. On closer examination, I didn’t see any rhythm in the sentence structures, and then further down the page I

As the Crow Flies, by Robin Lythgoe (30:57)

it broke immersion. Kudos: 1st person indie narrative often suffers from the GallopingIDisease, but I didn’t see any sign of it here.