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Fools’ Apocalypse, by Anderson Atlas (4:56)

…border_color=”#A35154″]WTF #1: GallopingIdisease[/dropshadowbox] Analysis: The first two pages are very “I“-heavy and include several dense sections of echoing headwords. The narrative tone also feels very scattered to me, making it hard to stay in this character’s POV. And compounding

Amber Fang, by Arthur Slade (40:00)

…#1: GallopingIdisease[/dropshadowbox] Analysis: It’s a first POV story that opens on an action scene, with our vampire protagonist closing in for her first kill of the book. The pairing of first person narration and physical action combines to generate a…

Owned, by Jess C Scott (3:41)

…border_color=”#A35154″]WTF #3: Galloping I disease[/dropshadowbox] Analysis: The third story is in first person PoV. The events had a hint of an interesting story, but the number of sentences commencing withI” was high enough that halfway down the first page I found myself trying to guess…