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Thief’s Blade, by C. Greenwood (7:06)

…check out these IOD-TV videos on GallopingIDisease, and Echoing Headwords.) [Tweet “When your blade is drawn and the orcs come over the wall, a pretty sheath is not what matters.”]Final Note: I had higher-than-normal hopes for this one, given the obvious investment made in the cover and…

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The Final Formula, by Becca Andre (26:19)

…border_color=”#A35154″]WTF #2: Galloping I disease[/dropshadowbox] Analysis: I held on for quite a while, but chapter one ends in a lengthy flashback that is rather dense with I-references. By the time I‘d reached the last page of it, my eyes were darting off ahead of me, scanning to pick

ImmerseOrDie: What’s Next?

with me about echoing headwords, gallopingIdisease, pointless prologues, proper-noun poisoning, parallel aside clauses, and any number of other issues that can cause reader bounce. That isn’t to say that there aren’t more busters out there waiting to be discovered, but the burden-to-benefit

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Short Stories: Volume 1, by Liam Mor (1:10)

…border_color=”#A35154″]WTF #2: Galloping I disease[/dropshadowbox] Analysis: The second story is written in first person present. Unfortunately, of the eight sentences in the opening paragraph, seven of them include I. This created enough of an echo that I started the second paragraph…

Recent IOD slowdown

…steady diet of echoing headwords, galloping I diseases, POV violations, and the other usual splinters that bedevil indie writing. We need a way to kick some energy back into the process. For now, we’re experimenting with only posting reports that have some new WTF type to talk about, or for…