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Fencing Reputation, by William L. Hahn (26:50)

…noted a couple of run-ins with gallopingIdisease, which is understandable, given that we have a 1st-person protagonist who does not have a companion of any kind to engage with. So he gets stuck in his own head a bit too deeply and falls victim to a few bouts of self-preoccupation….

Catskinner’s Book, by Misha Burnett (40:00)

in 1st person are rife with the “Galloping I disease” problem. But here we see an example of how 1st person should be done. The protagonist isn’t constantly talking about himself and his actions. Instead he shares his thoughts about the world around him, but in an intimate way – the way in

Skeletal, by Katherine Hayton (27:41)

…as easily have been flagged for GallopingIDisease, as there are liberal references to the self elsewhere in those paragraphs. [dropshadowbox align="none" effect="raised" width="500" background_color="#E18384" border_width="1" border_color="#A35154"]WTF #2: GallopingI“…

Unleashed, by Dirk Patton (16:49)

…border_color=”#A35154″]WTF #1: GallopingI” disease[/dropshadowbox] Analysis: The prose is generally good, but it’s written in the 1st person and spends a lot of time talking about “I.” This is a common trap for 1st POV stories. Authors often forget that the “I” can often be assumed, and…

My Delicate Destruction, by Jillian Ashe (11:25)

…border_color=”#A35154″]WTF #2: GallopingIdisease[/dropshadowbox] Analysis: It’s been building slowly, since the first paragraph, where I bobbled over a single sentence that used “I” three times, but it didn’t swamp me until about the fifth page, where I‘ve now hit four successive