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The Gentle Man, by Michelle Montague Mogil (8:27)

…- especially with that case of Galloping I Disease – so I‘d probably want to massage this further, but even these very slight changes help the reader anticipate the mode shifts. So when they do hit them, they’re ready, and can move right through them without slowing down. [dropshadowbox…

The Only City Left, by Andy Goldman (16:15)

…border_color=”#A3C194″]WTF #3: Galloping I disease.[/dropshadowbox] Analysis: Once the headword problem cropped up, it was only a matter of time before I got sensitized to all the I did this-ing and I did that-ing. But consider this one example: “Time to go, buddy,” I said. Our…

Tiem Mechine, by Alex Hansen (24:11)

…border_color=”#A3C194″]WTF #3: Galloping I disease.[/dropshadowbox] Analysis: The echoing headwords re-emerged a little while ago, and now I‘ve run into a section with five consecutive I-headed sentences containing a total of 10 occurrences of “I.” Granted, there are extenuating

Having a Whaley of a Time, by Donna Keeley (7:03)

…border_color=”#A3C194″]WTF #3: GallopingIdisease[/dropshadowbox] AnalysisBeing a 1st POV, the reflexive pronoun use was pretty rampant, but I finally hit a patch where 2 paragraphs and 3 consecutive sentences all started withI,” and at that point, it was echoing loudly enough to…

Wyrd Calling, by Shen Hart (10:49)

…”I” and they veer fairly close to galloping I disease, too, but then it eases up. [dropshadowbox align="none" effect="raised" width="500" background_color="#C3E1A4" border_width="1" border_color="#A3C194"]WTF #2: Indentation problems[/dropshadowbox] Analysis: There’s a very distracting