Explain It Like A Caveman

Ogg at the art gallery

I’ve been experimenting with a fun video-only character. Meet Ogg. He was the world’s very first scientist, but when his experiments with refrigeration took an unexpected turn, he was frozen into a block of ice and wasn’t thawed out until last week. Now he is doomed to wander the streets of our time, trying to make sense of the wonders he encounters. And he posts regular 1-minute videos explaining what he’s found.

But for the full story, check out his intro video:

Index By Topic

It turns out Ogg has found a lot to talk about. In fact, he’s posted almost 100 videos so far (at time of writing) and has an equal number already written and waiting to be produced. To make it easier to find your way through them, I’ve created this handy “OggDex”, listing his published videos by keyword. Just click on any term below to see a list of the videos that mention that subject. (I initially created this system for my own use, but realized that it would be an awesome resource for fans or for anyone who might be trying to find humorous content to supplement their newsletters, social media streams, or even TEDTalks. :-)

Enter The Firehose

Or, if you prefer to drink from the hose directly, you can always go HERE and check out the entire channel for yourself. But we wary: it’s a rabbit hole that might eat your life for a while. You have been warned.