Oath Keeper (Finding Tayna: Book 2)
Some promises won't LET you break them. In a world that has known only peace, a Warrior-King has arisen. His Gnome army swarms unhindered through the Forest. Refugees scatter. And the Three Avatars of the Dragon have chosen sides in their contest to either restore the peace … or to shatter it for all time.

In the midst of this chaos stands Tayna, a runaway orphan from the streets of our world, who must make an impossible choice: find the parents she had thought were long dead…

…or embrace her destiny and save the freaking world.
Join Tayna on this second instalment of her treacherous journey. Find out what happened to Zimu, Sarqi, Eliza, and all your favorite characters, and get ready to meet a few more. Available in either ebook or print form at any of the vendors listed below. No matter which format you take, you won’t be disappointed.