ImmerseOrDie Submissions

ImmerseOrDieBanner So you’re ready to toss your book into the pit and see how it fares, huh? That’s great. Start by taking a quick look at the following criteria. An ImmerseOrDie candidate must be:

  • indie fiction (self-published or micro-press)
  • either science fiction, fantasy, mystery or a related genre
  • novel-length or a collection of short stories
  • mid-series books are now welcome, but will be read from the perspective of somebody unfamiliar with earlier books in the series
  • at least 40,000 words long
  • in ebook format (must be in EPUB, MOBI or AZW3 formats)
  • available for sale on a major ebook vendor site
  • all books must be priced at $0.99 or more, except for the first book in a series, which can be free

If your book qualifies, then go ahead, fill out the form below. And then keep your eyes on the skies. I don’t schedule books in any particular order, nor do I guarantee that they’ll be reviewed in the order in which they’re submitted. But sooner or later, it’ll pop to the top of the list. And when it does, I’ll post. (If you want an email notification of all new postings, you might want to subscribe to the email feed. Otherwise, keep your eyes on one of my social media streams.)

Book Details
Only used to contact you if I have questions or problems with your submission
A link to the book on Amazon, or if it isn\'t available there, on Kobo or Barnes & Noble.
(A link to an actual image file, not to a web page containing the image.)
Ebook files must be in either EPUB or Kindle formats. MS Word files are not ebook files and will not be accepted.