Get Your Word’s Worth into your newsletter

AvatarTo help spread the word about the strip and to help fellow authors appeal to their own audiences, I’m announcing a free reprint right for Your Word’s Worth strips under the following conditions.

  1. This offer is available to authors and author support groups, for use in their email or paper newsletters targeted at their reading audience, or on their web site. Other parties or those seeking permission for other audiences or mediums should contact me separately. (I’ll probably allow it under the same terms, but I want to track how the cartoon is being used.)
  2. You are limited to reprinting one cartoon per issue of your newsletter, or one cartoon per week on your web site.
  3. For each usage, you may choose any published cartoon from my archive.
  4. Your usage must include the entire strip image, at a legible resolution, without alteration, including the title, copyright and URL texts in the border.
  5. Any usage must include a link with legible text stating something along the lines of “Click here to view the strip archive,” or “Cartoon archive available here,” that links to this url:
  6. For the specific case of web site usage, the cartoon must be embedded within a more fulsome article, essay or blog post on a subject related to the content of the cartoon. (In other words, the cartoon should be used as an illustration for a posting on a related subject.)
  7. You agree to indemnify me against any legal proceedings brought against you relating to your use of the cartoon. After all, I may have written it, but you chose to include it. :-)
  8. This reprint right is offered gratis, with no cost to you, other than those spelled out in the conditions above.

And if that sounds like a deal you can’t pass up, jump on over to the archive and pick your first cartoon!

Addendum: I also strongly encourage anyone who uses the cartoon on their web site to send me a link to their article. (Perhaps in the form of a comment on the page of my site devoted to the relevant cartoon.) This not only helps to attract attention to your article, but some of those articles may also be invited to be included in the upcoming book of Your Word’s Worth cartoons that I am working on. But I can only invite the ones I know about. :-)