Get field notes from strange worlds

Welcome! So sorry I can’t be here to greet you in person. Every time a reader takes the trouble to drop by, I feel bad for having missed the visit. See, I have this mental fantasy that the only people who come here are the kind of people I could be friends with. Heck, we already have so much in common. You’ve just come from a world that I’ve spent a lot of time in myself and there is so much about that place we could be talking about.

But alas, if I sat around inside this web server waiting to greet visitors, I’d never get any new writing done, and then what fabulous new locations would there be for our burgeoning young friendship to visit next? So instead, I leave this note, a soothing cup of tea, and a signup form.

You’re interested in…

cup of tea“What’s the deal with the form?” you ask. “Isn’t it a rather antiseptic way to start a friendly conversation?”

Well, I think you’ll be surprised, because the seed to our relationship has already been planted—back there in that world you just came from. And now, while you’re taking a well-earned breather between adventures, I’ve gone on ahead, traipsing about in a new world, meeting more strange characters and following them on even weirder adventures. Of course, I’m taking notes about all of it, and the official report of my trip will end up as a new novel or story. But you’re not here for the official report, are you? You want the un-official stuff. The notes I send back to my friends, like quick telegrammic signal-flares fired into the air out of deepest, darkest Africa:

Following a llama up the Cliffs of Sulfur. Looking for a place to sleep. Preferably without cave-wights. Wish you were here. Love, Jefferson.

Actually, I try to say a bit more than that, and maybe include a fragment of a map, or maybe even a close-up sketch of what a cave-wight looks like when you wake her up out of a sound sleep. (And that is the last time I let the llama pick the cave.) Anyway, if you want to get a look at those notes and maybe even chat about them over tea, just let me know where to reach you.

So that is what is up with the form.

See you when I get back,