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Issues and trends in the writing/publishing world.

63% of your readers don’t finish your book. Here’s why.

This is the second in my currentĀ series of articles that examines reader immersion and the importance it plays in the success of a book. In the first article, I explored…

Why Indie Bundles Are Important

The beauty of the modern indie publishing movement is that, these days, any Joe or Sally can publish their own book. The tragedy of the movementĀ is that, sometimes they do….

Assembling a codex of e-publishing frustrations

Dear Publishers and Authors: What can you not do with current e-publishing tools and technologies that is driving you nuts? You’ve been working for a while with HTML, CSS, EPUB…

Apple’s iBooks Author may have a deadly hidden sting

The Apple iBookstore is a really easy place to buy and sell books, and many authors want to get in on that, so it makes sense that some might look…