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The highest award in the ImmerseOrDie system: books that have not only survived the treadmill, but also a full-read, and have provided solid, immersive entertainment from start to end.

The Journeyman, by Michael Alan Peck (40:00)

Today we see another distance-goer, with a decidedly quirky bent.

Century of Sand, by Christopher Ruz (40:00)

Today we see a book that took on water, but got the hull sails-up again and then hung on to the end.

Mad Tinker’s Daughter, by J.S. Morin (40:00)

There are times when too little information might just be enough.

Crimson Son, by Russ Linton (40:00)

A little bit of petulant teen goes a long way, but strong writing and an awesome premise recovered the fumble and carried it over the goal line.