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The highest award in the ImmerseOrDie system: books that have not only survived the treadmill, but also a full-read, and have provided solid, immersive entertainment from start to end.

The Vampire of Northanger, by Bryce Anderson (40:00)

Today we see an example of a stylistic homage paid in brilliant coin. Jane Austen’s long-lost vampire novel.

Pilgrim of the Storm, by Russ Linton (40:00)

Today we see that the more alien the scenario, the more time it takes to orient the reader.

Catskinner’s Book, by Misha Burnett (40:00)

Today we see that a reader invested by a smooth opening is much more forgiving of later bumps.

Rust: Season One, by Christopher Ruz (40:00)

Let the strumpets cry out as another contender crosses the line with arms raised!

Malus Domestica, by S.A. Hunt (40:00)

Today’s survivor shows us that spooking the reader works best if you first take the time to make them care.