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Maladaptation, by Adan Ramie (40:00)

Today we see that, when you’re writing in tight POV, any description of a thing is also a description of the character doing the describing. What I gleaned about the…

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Above Ground, by A.M. Harte (5:50)

Today we see that when the same problem recurs so often that instances start singing to you in mocking tones, it’s time to close the book.

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Stories From Social Media, by Ray Daley (0:55)

Today we see that readers reaching the end of your story isn’t a victory if they leave feeling cheated. What I gleaned about the stories: However train tracks are arranged,…

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Thief’s Blade, by C. Greenwood (7:06)

Today we see that sometimes the problem is not with the prose: it’s with the heading used to label it.

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Short Stories Found Online, by Jonathan Day (1:31)

Today we see that if you fail to show your intermediate steps, readers will judge you like a teacher going through a divorce. What I gleaned about the stories: While…