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IOD score card

Flash Fiction, by Richard Dee (2:28)

Today we see that background details are supposed to stay in the background. What I gleaned about the stories: Civilization, that structure that provides sufficient elevation above immediate survival that…

City Under Ice, by Te Olivant (12:50)

Today we see that if you’re going hype an upcoming event, you had better deliver.

IOD score card

Eight Unreal Stories, by John Carter (1:42)

Today we see that an error can hit harder if readers think you aren’t the sort of author who’d make it. What I gleaned about the stories: The protagonists of…

IOD score card

Disturbed: A collection of five disturbing tales, by Michael Riddell and JJ Riddell (0:38)

Today we see that if the copyright declaration (where every word matters) contains multiple basic issues, readers will assume the rest of the book is even less polished. What I…

IOD score card

Fur Boys, by C.A. Newsome (10:10)

Today we see that the opening of a story is a three-way balancing act between providing enough detail, providing too much, and providing distracting details.