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Flummox or Bust, by Kevin Bowersox (16:17)

Broad humor that gets in the way of the story doesn’t work for me. But if you like French clowns or Will Ferrell, this might be your thing.

A Noble’s Quest, by Ryan Toxopeus (9:11)

Today I issue a cautionary notice: Those who choose to play in Tolkien’s backyard are standing themselves next to a blast furnace. You better bring the awesome or you’re going to get scorched.

Surviving the Fog, by Stan Morris (15:33)

The take-away lesson from today’s reading is the importance of managing narrative time flow.

Self Made, by Darusha Wehm (18:09)

Today I realized how hard I have to struggle, as a reader, to recover after a serious stumble on the opening page. The book is actually stronger than my experience of it suggests, but I have to report what happened to me – not what I think will happen to other people.

Ultimate Duty, by Marva Dasef (19:45)

A good example of how “Show don’t tell” doesn’t mean what you think it means, and its implications for achieving immersion.