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Discovering Aberration, by S.C. Barrus (15:27)

Today we learn that if you want to affect a particular historical style, it’s not enough to come close. You have to understand the language you’re using thoroughly. And if you don’t, that tells you what qualities you should be looking for in your editor.

The Unknown Sun, by Cheryl S. Mackey (13:00)

Today’s read touches on about four things, right out of the gate, that I find difficult to suspend disbelief on, so immersion never really happened for me.

Unselected, by John Kipling Lewis

Today marks another experiment. John Lewis asked me if I accept collections of flash fiction. I said, “Let’s find out.” And this is what we learned… Find this book on…

The Face-Stealer, by Robert Scott-Norton (5:28)

Today I learned how strongly I feel about “borrowed” content. (Hint: I pulled the plug based on a single WTF.)

Pay Me, Bug! by Christopher Wright (40:00)

Today’s book has been a test of the emergency awesome detection system. And I do declare it works just fine!