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Unselected, by John Kipling Lewis

Today marks another experiment. John Lewis asked me if I accept collections of flash fiction. I said, “Let’s find out.” And this is what we learned… Find this book on…

The Face-Stealer, by Robert Scott-Norton (5:28)

Today I learned how strongly I feel about “borrowed” content. (Hint: I pulled the plug based on a single WTF.)

Pay Me, Bug! by Christopher Wright (40:00)

Today’s book has been a test of the emergency awesome detection system. And I do declare it works just fine!

Flummox or Bust, by Kevin Bowersox (16:17)

Broad humor that gets in the way of the story doesn’t work for me. But if you like French clowns or Will Ferrell, this might be your thing.

A Noble’s Quest, by Ryan Toxopeus (9:11)

Today I issue a cautionary notice: Those who choose to play in Tolkien’s backyard are standing themselves next to a blast furnace. You better bring the awesome or you’re going to get scorched.