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Athame, by Morgan Alreth (34:40)

A strong story that took me for a long bomb, but tripped over it’s laces before reaching the goal line.

Scarlet Angel, by C. A. Wilke (40:00)

A slick, fast-paced whoami tale, with a juicy mystery that kept me on my toes. Literally.

Wisdom Beyond Her Years, by J-L Heylen (17:18)

Today we get stuck in the swamp of conspicuous exposition.

Shiny New Swindle, by Simon Cantan (12:54)

Even when the ride is going great, a little vibration can feedback on itself and buck the rider into a swamp.

White Dwarf One, by Dario Solera (14:36)

On today’s show, we discover the need to establish a deadline for the immersion to happen.