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The Journeyman, by Michael Alan Peck (40:00)

Today we see another distance-goer, with a decidedly quirky bent.

Leap of Space, by Sharon T. Rose (6:04)

Today we see that telling backstory is not the same as telling story, and eventually, the reader wants you to get on with the show.

Protégée, by James Gawley (40:00)

Today the Legions of a faux-Rome fantasy drag us behind their chariots for the full course.

Enter The Phenomenologists, by Gil C. Schmidt (5:50)

Today I realize that my tolerance for mechanical errors is eroding quickly.

The Five Elements, by Scott Marlowe (40:00)

Today we see that, sometimes, I pull the plug for what turns out to be an invalid reason, and then have to eat crow.