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Who Likes Short Shorts? by Peter Sortwell (40:00)

Today we see that deft writing can overcome a few distracting glitches. What I gleaned about the stories: If you want to commit suicide without dying, plan your approach in…

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Evenings with Littleberry and Other Short Stories, by A.S. Morrison (1:28)

Today we see that if an error is famous enough to have a well-known name, readers will make the mark against your prose both larger and blacker. What I gleaned…

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Lily Marin: three short steampunk stories, by Paul Kater (1:21)

Today we see that focusing on minutia can damage the reader’s trust as much as leaving out key details. What I gleaned about the stories: If you’re a singer in…

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The Fall, by M.J. McGriff (3:11)

Today we see that if the reader can’t get a stable sense of where they are in the universe, it’s hard for immersion to ever take hold.

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Comedy Shorts: Four Short Stories….., by Robin Storey (2:30)

Today we see that commas are not the only punctuation that can get repetitive. What I gleaned about the stories: Sometimes comedy opens with a funeral rather than ending with…