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Images taken from my writing life – appearances, special events, etc.

Campus Daycare Picnic (2015)

Reading Squeak! to kids and families at the UofS Campus Daycare picnic. I worried that they’d be too distracted by the usual picnic activities of running, jumping, screaming, and other…

Ball Lightning Demo at WOTS (2014)

Me demonstrating a simple ball lightning spell to Art Slade (and the audience) during a panel discussion at Word on the Street, 2014.

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan (2014)

Reading from Strange Places just before Taming of the Shrew.

Signing at Word on the Street (2013)

Today was cover- and title-reveal day for the next book in the Finding Tayna series. Can you spot the new cover?

Talking About Tools

My talk at When Words Collide 2013 in Calgary about software tools beyond word processors that can invigorate the creative writing process.