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FlipGrip in the hand

FlipGrip: Read books while running. No, seriously.

Those who’ve been following me for a while will know that reading books on the treadmill is kinda my thing. But what you might not know is how annoying it…

Guitar string vibrating

Vibrating a guitar string in Blender

I have a YouTube channel where I make lots of short gag vids about Ogg. He’s a caveman muppet character who’s been thawed out of the ice and is now…

the cable wrangler

Cable Wrangler for the DM6000AR multimeter

Consumer products have to be designed for the typical user. It’s the only way manufacturers can hope to sell them by the millions. But if you find yourself using them…

Dopplerender teaser image

Dopplerender: A turbo boost for Blender animation rendering

  The problem If you’ve ever tried to make a hand-drawn animation, you’ll appreciate how much faster computer-generated animation really is. But for all its whiz-bangery, there’s one thing that…

Exopod in action

Exopod: The flat-pack display stand for books

As an author, I frequently go to book fairs, signings, and other sales events, and I’ve never been able to find a decent display stand for showcasing my books. Most of the commercial versions I’ve seen are either too big, too clumsy, or too complicated. What I want is something that is strong enough to hold up a large book or several smaller ones, packs flat so that I can fill my boxes with books rather than hardware, and is easy to assemble. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt if they brought a bit of style to my display table.