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If you’ve read any of my books or stories and are curious about what might be coming next, this is where I post regular updates, reports, and fragments from the projects currently on my desk. Plus, there may be some occasional tidbits tossed in about old stuff—deleted scenes, sketches, diagrams, etc. And if there’s something you’d really like to see, just drop a comment and ask.

Soft-serve Sci-Fi

Over the course of my lifetime, science fiction has gone from a niche-market storyform aimed at geeks and propeller-heads to a cultural juggernaut consumed by the masses. So you would…

Reports from other lands: The Haunting of Hill House

It’s November now. I can tell because our collective habit for seasonal fetishism has finally turned its firehose away from spewing tales of terror. But in looking back at the…

Example of an iconic image

When memory fails

I had a strange experience recently. With a bit of idle time on my hands, I went to the local library and booked a vacation to a new story realm….

photo of gnome boy

Gnomileshi boy in Gash-Garnok village

Have I mentioned that I take my camera with me on all my travels? I never know who I’m going to meet or what I’m going to see, and any of…

scifi landscape

Review of How Great Science Fiction Works

This week, my travels took me to a newly discovered continent: Kanopy. Maybe you know about it already, but I didn’t. For those of you still wandering in the fog…