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Character Card: Mehklok

Mehklok: Chaplain of the Shrine of Garnok’s Rage

Hello. Be welcome to the Shrine of Garnok’s Rage, once a Church of the First Rank. I’m not here to conduct a tour at the moment, but if you’d like…

Player Card: Kern, the tough

A first look at one of the characters from the upcoming book,¬†Brotherhood of Delinquents. Keep your eyes on my streams for more cards and other announcements, as the launch date…

The Payoff of Finding the “Just So” Word

In the normal course of world-building, we writers often come up with cool cultures and institutions and then cast about, looking for the perfect word or name to describe them….

Felgrind, The Frost Giant

Cantankerous and moody, but with a biting wit, Felgrind the frost giant had a featured role in an early draft of Oath Keeper (FT2). But after the great story-line purge…