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Reports from other lands: The Haunting of Hill House

It’s November now. I can tell because our collective habit for seasonal fetishism has finally turned its firehose away from spewing tales of terror. But in looking back at the…

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When memory fails

I had a strange experience recently. With a bit of idle time on my hands, I went to the local library and booked a vacation to a new story realm….

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Review of How Great Science Fiction Works

This week, my travels took me to a newly discovered continent: Kanopy. Maybe you know about it already, but I didn’t. For those of you still wandering in the fog…

Final Space remix

Report from the province of Final Space

I took a trip this week over to Netflix Land to explore the newly settled province of Final Space. But even after touring every village twice, I still don’t know what to think. It’s…

Episode 3: It’s all about librarians. And vampires. Librarian vampires for the win!

In this episode, Gilbert interviews two different librarians. One’s a promoter of good indie books (The Fussy Librarian) and the other is a college student and vampire who hunts bad…