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50+ card

Ogg Celebrates A Milestone

They say the first step in battling an addiction is admitting you have one, but why are people constantly quoting that at me lately? It’s true that my YouTube channel…

ImmerseOrDie Index Super-charger

The IOD index page is now super-charged. With over 300 posted reviews, finding the ones you’re looking for was getting a bit dense. But that’s all changed now.

Postings on hold for the holidays

Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by. If you’re looking for the latest ImmerseOrDie review or Your Word’s Worth cartoon, have no fear. Both features will resume on Jan 5….

Awesome New Way To Share/Find Great Books

Skimming through reader reviews can be a great way to decide if a book you’re considering is really right for you, but how do you find out what books to…

What’s in a title?

What makes a title work? Is it the clever word-play? An arresting thought? A famous quote? When you look at a list of book titles, you can see hundreds of…