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Breaking news and announcements about new books, price changes, awards, appearances, etc.

Cover reveal for Brotherhood of Delinquents

This was teased last week, but now I’m ready to show it off for real. Here then is the official cover for my upcoming novel, Brotherhood of Delinquents.

Coming this May

They’re lazy. They’re unskilled. And now the fate of the Kingdom is in their hands. Tam, Kern, and Merrik are all failing at life: a homeless thief, a disgraced baker’s…

Announcing: Squeak! — my fantasy picture book for pre-schoolers

Today I am thrilled to announce the imminent release of Squeak!, my fantasy picture book for preschoolers. On April 25, this gorgeously illustrated, 32-page adventure will at last be set loose upon the world, and I can’t tell you how satisfying this will be for me. Because it’s the fruition of a journey that started 22 years ago.

Breaking News: ImmerseOrDie doing a StoryBundle

I’m hijacking the IOD report stream to share this exciting announcement with everyone. This has been brewing since last fall, but at last everything is in place and I can finally announce that on April…

Postings on hold for the holidays

Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by. If you’re looking for the latest ImmerseOrDie review or Your Word’s Worth cartoon, have no fear. Both features will resume on Jan 5….