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Bartleby and James, with 7 other IOD gems, going fast

5th of 8 kick-ass reads, together at for the price of a beer. #scifi #indie #steampunk Tell your mom.

Own The Somnicient, and 7 other IOD winners, for almost nothing

4th of 8 riveting books in the limited-time pack at Get ’em all for pocket change. #scifi #indie Share the news.

Grab Lost Time plus 7 more IOD champions, cheap

3rd of 8 awesome books available as a set this week at Get ’em all for peanuts. Tell a friend. #scifi #indie

Get Malus Domestica plus 7 more indie books, guaranteed awesome

2nd of 8 awesome books available for a limited time at Pick ’em all up for peanuts. Tell a friend. #urbanfantasy

Pick up Black Ocean plus 7 more IOD-endorsed titles, cheap

1 of 8 awesome books available for a limited time at Get the whole set for dirt cheap. Pass it on. #scifi #indie

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