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New books or formats and when they’ll coming out.

Ogg at the art gallery

A caveman comments on the modern world

It’s been a while since I had anything to announce, but I’d like you all to meet Ogg. He’s the culmination of a family project that we started last summer,…

promottional card for Plague of Peskies

The snarky llama is back!

The most ambitious Karsten and Babette tale yet. And possibly the funniest, especially if you like your humor dark and twisted. Just when it looked like they might finally be…

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It’s coming!

You asked for it. Sort of. Now you’re gonna get it. When I sent out the alert last week to let everyone know that the new Karsten story was now¬†available…

Book launch info card

Karsten and Babette Episode #3 now available.

It’s all in the card. If you’ve been itching for another darkly comic visit from a grumpy wizard and his nagging llama sidekick, this is your chance. And for all…

Cover and blurb card for The Widow's Wrinkles

Something awesome this way comes…

Order your copy now and get it for just a buck.