A Plague of Peskies

A Plague of Peskies

The kind of trouble only an idiot can summon.

Seeking shelter at the edge of the world, in a place only madmen tread, Karsten and Babette must set their plans aside to rescue a fellow traveler from his own stupidity. But no good deed shall remain unpunished, and soon the pair is caught up in an escalating standoff between a pompous bureaucrat and a tribe of blood-thirsty savages.

So what are they fighting about? A flock of sheep, of course. In the middle of a poxing desert.

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About the Book

Who is the 13th Advocate?
Karsten was a violent man at the end of a violent career with no greater ambition than a quiet retirement and maybe a woman to keep him warm. But a gamble over a bottle of beer cost him that dream and sealed him to a bewildering fate: as a reluctant and curmudgeonly chosen one.

Irritable, argumentative, and with powers beyond imagining (though he’s still not sure how to use them) Karsten now travels the back roads of a decaying empire, bringing his own brand of justice to both the high and the low. And getting grief at every turn from the llama who carries his gear.

Series: The 13th Advocate, Book 4
Genre: Fantasy
Tag: novella
ISBN: 9781988706108
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