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promottional card for Plague of Peskies

The snarky llama is back!

The most ambitious Karsten and Babette tale yet. And possibly the funniest, especially if you like your humor dark and twisted. Just when it looked like they might finally be…

A Plague Of Peskies cover

Karsten and Babette are at it again

Installment 4 of The 13th Advocate, A Plague of Peskies, is making its way to book vendors near you. Seeking shelter at the edge of the world, in a place…

Soft-serve Sci-Fi

Over the course of my lifetime, science fiction has gone from a niche-market storyform aimed at geeks and propeller-heads to a cultural juggernaut consumed by the masses. So you would…

Reports from other lands: The Haunting of Hill House

It’s November now. I can tell because our collective habit for seasonal fetishism has finally turned its firehose away from spewing tales of terror. But in looking back at the…

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When memory fails

I had a strange experience recently. With a bit of idle time on my hands, I went to the local library and booked a vacation to a new story realm….