Who is Jefferson Smith?

Jefferson Smith

I have always written stories, but for many years I put my creative focus on helping other people to give life to their worlds, by working in the Hollywood special effects software industry. But as much fun as that was, something was always missing. My own worlds were crumbling from lack of attention.

So in 2007 I shifted gears, and now I spend my days bringing my own worlds to life, inventing people and planets, founding religions, crushing the dreams of the unworthy, and rescuing the occasional small child. It’s an awesome responsibility.

And I couldn’t be happier.


I’ve spent most of the last 30 years studying and practicing three different passions: computer programming, creativity theory, and a variety of artistic fields, including music composition, creative writing, animation, and cartooning. Some of these were studied formally, and others more informally, but in all these mediums, I’m intrigued by the structures and rules that I uncover as I dig into them.

My goal with the Creativity Hacker blog site is to try to share some of my ideas and discoveries with artists of all types, but particularly with creative writers. This will include tips and tricks that I have found helpful, as well as an exploration of tools and techniques that I think help with the creative process, and will even include some software tools I’ve developed for my own use, too.

Since there are as many approaches to the arts as there are artists, I can’t promise that my own ideas will help everyone, but I hope that in time, others will begin contributing to this resource, and that together we’ll be able to build up a library of creative resources that will include something of use for everybody.

Making Contact

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Social Media: If you’ve gone to the trouble to find me here, then feel free to make contact elsewhere as well. You can find me from time to time on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.