Mehklok: Chaplain of the Shrine of Garnok’s Rage

Character card: MehklokHello. Be welcome to the Shrine of Garnok’s Rage, once a Church of the First Rank. I’m not here to conduct a tour at the moment, but if you’d like to leave a donation, please drop your offerings of bone or gristle in the collection plate, located near the entrance portal at the base of the tower. But mind the falling bones. We’ve been having trouble with vandals prying out all the most powerful femurs lately and the structure could use some refurbishment. (Won’t you give just a little more to help restore this great shrine to its former glory?)

I’m away from the site today. I saw the most glorious set of foot-bones you’ve ever seen and simply must have them to adorn the altar, but they ran off into the bush before I could get my harvesting blade free. I should be back before first light.

Thank you for your interest in holy Garnok, and I look forward to enjoying your adulations upon my return.


Mehklok, Chaplain

PS: If you’d like to help spread the good news about Garnok, leave a forwarding address below and you’ll be contacted shortly with instructions.

[To learn more about Mehklok and his role in the coming of the dragon, check out Strange Places. Book One of Finding Tayna.]

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