Exopod: The flat-pack display stand for books

Exopod in actionAs an author, I frequently go to book fairs, signings, and other sales events, and I’ve never been able to find a decent display stand for showcasing my books. Most of the commercial versions I’ve seen are either too big, too clumsy, or too complicated. What I want is something that is strong enough to hold up a large book or several smaller ones, packs flat so that I can fill my boxes with books rather than hardware, and is easy to assemble. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt if they brought a bit of style to my display table.

But no matter where I’ve looked, I’ve never found a solution that seemed to deliver on all points. So I decided to design my own.

The result is this little baby, which I’m dubbing “The eXopod.” It’s rugged. It can support all my books—even a physics text—without any problem. And it’s comprised of just two parts, with no fasteners needed, so it assembles lightning quick. Plus, when they’re packed flat, a full dozen of these take up the space of just a single book, so I’ll always have a few to spare.

eXopod logoGet a copy of the plans for yourself. All you need is some 1/8″ hardboard and either a coping saw or a laser cutter. Download plans

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About the author

Jefferson Smith is a Canadian fantasy author, as well as the founder, chief editor and resident proctologist of ImmerseOrDie. With a PhD in Computer Science and Creativity Systems compounded by a life spent exploring most art forms for fun and profit, he is underqualified in just about everything. That's why he writes.