PressureDiver: a sensor to plumb the depths of saxophone air tightness

PressureDiver faceThis happy little explorer is the business end of PressureDiver: a simple barometric pressure sensor designed to report changes in air pressure from inside a sealed container. In this case, we’ll be exploring a saxophone.

The idea is to pressurize the instrument in the workshop and watch for pressure changes as valves are pushed closed. Hopefully, such changes will indicate tone-hole pads that are leaking.

The device is a simple combination of an Arduino controller and BMP280 pressure sensor packed inside a 3D printed case, which is then tethered via USB cable to a laptop running the PressureDiver display app, written as a Processing sketch.

I’m still exploring the right way to present these CreativityHack projects. Blog entries? YouTube┬áreports? For now, I’m leaning toward having a single summarizing entry here on the site, (like this page) and then putting most of the nuts and bolts into the video reports, since the projects tend to be in a high state of flux until they’re finished. You’ll be able to follow along on YouTube as the experiments advance, and then I’ll post the final project files here for anybody who wants to play with them or take them further than I’ve done.

Anyway, you can check out the video reports here. And if you have any thoughts on a good way to organize the projects, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

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