Thin Men, Paper Suits, by Tin Larrick (40:00)

IOD-ThinMenToday we see that a small error has a larger impact if it occurs at the very beginning of a story.

What I gleaned about the stories: People from different walks of life, with different personalities, attempt to kill each other in engaging ways.

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WTF #1: Jarring punctuation

Analysis: The first story opens in a cafĂ©. The lead character glares at a waitress, who “hurried over, a mousy woman of forty; stray hair teasing her ears.” When I hit the semi-colon, I unconsciously expected an independent clause linked to the first. So, finding only a fragment left me with the unconscious feeling I had missed something. So I went back to check I hadn’t misread it.

As this occurred at the start of the story, I didn’t have enough momentum to pull me past the issue so going back to and considering whether it was correct or not, stalled me out.

Kudo #1: Skilled use of metaphor and imagery

Analysis: Not only are the narrators’ voices consistent and appropriate to the story, but the images they use are layered with unconscious insight.

For example, in a story about domestic abuse, Larrick describes a victim’s response to panic button apps for phones as “illicit, like pornography”; in three words, this reveals the mix of desire to be free from the abuser and belief that seeking freedom is wrong which victims of abuse so often experience.

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