Reason For Vengeance, by Adrian D. Roberts (3:03)

IOD-ReasonVengeanceToday we see that an author without an editor is like a drunken highwire artist working without a net. People may gather around to watch, but it’s not because they expect a good performance.

What I gleaned about the story: A guy works on an assembly line of some kind.

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WTF #1, 2 and 3: Abysmal editing.

Analysis: Depending on how you want to count them, the missing commas, awkwardly constructed phrases, and strangely fragmented sentences combined for a total of at least nine errors. On the first page. Maybe even a dozen.

It’s not unreadable, but for me to look past the editing issues, an author first has to sink some kind of hook in me – make me want to read past them. But without adequate editing, today’s author hasn’t given himself enough time to set that hook.

Black Jade Dragon, by Susan Brassfield Cogan (5:42)
The Wizard and the Rat, by Aaron C. Engler (6:29)

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