Hosanna in Hand, by Appropouture (2:38)

IOD-HosannaInHandI have no idea what this is.

What I gleaned about the story: There’s a hermit. And somebody sends him a box.

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WTF #1, 2 and 3: The universe begins with a knock at the door. Time, as it has rolled, silently, startles electric. The hut which we birth ourselves into amps up. Panic rattles in the shades. The kitchenware, the rug on the floor, all things vibrate with imagination. The lone resident quakes within his world. A hermit, nestled in the swampwoods, is surely surprised by this delivery. Back to back stages of paranoia rush through him. Hyper anxiety. Minutes, which revolve through mental eternities. Courage is built up through skin scratching and whispered mumbling. The hermit struggles to shake the grip of fear.

Analysis: The quoted text above is the opening paragraph, and the entire book seems to be written in that same hyper-stylized quasi-poetic voice, but it just does not flow for me. I had to concentrate so hard on the unusual narration that I simply could not slip into it. As poetry, or high literary art, maybe it’s brilliant, but I can’t tell. I don’t read those genres so I’m not qualified to judge them. Immerse Or Die is about immersive speculative fiction. And on that front, all I can say is that this one didn’t work for me. At all.

Lacuna, by David Adams (24:27)
All Is Silence, by Robert L. Slater (24:39)

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