Felgrind, The Frost Giant

FelgrindCantankerous and moody, but with a biting wit, Felgrind the frost giant had a featured role in an early draft of Oath Keeper (FT2). But after the great story-line purge of 2013, his story (sadly) got moved to a side channel. When the Dragon Grimorl fled the Forest and came to our world, the frost giants were one of the races that came with him, but the years have not been kind, and frost giants are now diminished echoes of their former selves. Maybe it’s global warming, or maybe it’s a lack of magic, but the giants of yesteryear are now just cranky old timers who find work wherever they can get it. Cold climates preferred.

Felgrind himself now works as an ice specialist, travelling from rink to rink across the prairies, improving ice conditions for small-town hockey players, figure skaters and curlers. But that’s just his job. His secret passion is the search for his wife. He has spent the eons since arriving here searching for the love of his life, who was separated from him during the great expulsion from the Forest. So far, he has not been able to find her.

Watch for Felgrind to appear in an upcoming short story series that will explore some of the people and creatures that followed Grimorl out of the Forest and into the pages of our own history.

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