Book Two Cover Reveal…

OK-Cover-finalFor those of you who have been waiting, I am thrilled to share a major moment in the life of the Finding Tayna series: the cover reveal for Book Two. So here it is, in all it’s splendor, and I for one could not be happier with it.

Some of you may remember that Book Two was originally going to be called Strange People. Ever since I originally conceived the Finding Tayna series, I have had that particular title in mind. But that was before I found a publisher with an opinion on the subject and a stake in the game. Over the last year, we have discussed this subject thoroughly, exploring a variety of factors, and in the process, I have managed to convince them that I was wrong. (Honest. It was me who convinced them. No, really. :-) It turns out what I actually had was a working title. We decided that when it comes to putting this next book out in the market and trying to satisfy existing fans while enticing new readers, we needed something more provocative – something that better placed the story in the fantasy genre and offered more intriguing possibilities for cover designs. And oh boy, did we ever succeed on that score!

So without any further blather, I give you the title and cover for the next book in the the Finding Tayna series: Oath Keeper. Response at yesterday’s live cover reveal (at the Word on the Street Festival) was phenomenal, and I’m hoping that the online reception will be just as enthusiastic. So what do you think? Drop me a comment below, or on one of my social media feeds. Are you as excited as I am? Nah. You couldn’t be. ‘Cuz I am absolutely stoked.

And you want to know the best part? This fabulous cover was designed by a highschool student who is a fan of the series. I don’t want to embarrass her right now with too much gushing, but I promise to feature her in an upcoming article, because I am really, really impressed with her work, and I’d love for you all to meet her. So stay tuned for that. And let this be a reminder to you. If you have any fan art about Tayna and her gang, please send it to me. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be asked to help out with the next cover design.


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