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bugsinaboxMy editors and I can’t always be sure we’ve found and fixed every last typo and mistake. We try, but we sometimes fail. So rather than stew over a problem you’ve found in one of my books, I invite you to report me to myself. On the main site menu, under My Writing, you’ll find a menu item called Report Typos. Just go to that page and tell me about it. I’ll make sure that the problem is removed from the next edition of the book to go out. And hopefully, I won’t add any more typos while I’m fixing that one.

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Jefferson Smith is a Canadian fantasy author, as well as the founder, chief editor and resident proctologist of ImmerseOrDie. With a PhD in Computer Science and Creativity Systems compounded by a life spent exploring most art forms for fun and profit, he is underqualified in just about everything. That's why he writes.