For Teens: Making the Scene

How having a fight can make your stories more interesting. This is a version of Story Architecture #1, aimed specifically at teen writers, who respond well when the focus is on the issue of conflict. They generally believe that a good story is an exciting one with lots of plot action. With girls, I like to focus them on the relationship tension that rises from conflicting personal goals and fears, while with boys, I find they respond better to physical conflict issues. But instead of trying to get an entire story out of them, I focus on getting one really good scene done, with thoroughly considered character ambitions, and dramatic, believable consequences arising from that conflict. Boys and girls each interpret the phrase “having a fight” differently, so neither group feels alienated by it.

Half-Day Workshop Format: 3 hrs

Full-Day Workshop Format: 5 hrs

Story Architecture - Phase 3: Dramatic Novels

About the author

Jefferson Smith is a Canadian fantasy author, as well as the founder, chief editor and resident proctologist of ImmerseOrDie. With a PhD in Computer Science and Creativity Systems compounded by a life spent exploring most art forms for fun and profit, he is underqualified in just about everything. That's why he writes.