The author chats – with his protagonist

When I do author interviews, I am struck by two things: how similar they all are, yet how totally different. By ‘similar,’ I only mean that most interviewers follow a similar process, and work from a similar grab-bag of questions. But despite those superficial similarities, the resulting interviews can be wildly different. The key ingredient, of course, is the interviewer. They each put their own spin on the questions, following different twists and turns through the resulting conversational flow. My friend Veest would probably say that many chains can connect to the same first link, but unless you’ve read Strange Places, you’re unlikely to know how profound a statement that is. :-)

No interview demonstrates this multiplicity of potential paths a conversation might take better than this interview I did recently with fantasy/paranormal blogger and reviewer, Laurie, at Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews. Some interviewers like to chat with the author, and a few like to chat with a character from the book, but Laurie was awesome enough to tackle the dizzying task of talking to Tayna and I both, and then she followed it up with a very generous review, too.

So check it out. I’m betting you’ll have as much fun with the interview as Tayna and I did.

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