When a reader really “gets” your work


Is there anything more rewarding for an author than to hear from a reader who not only enjoyed the book but who also “got” what you were going for? Not for me there isn’t. Here’s one quick excerpt from a recent review that just made my day: This book brings up some issues that make you think throughout the reading of the book. It makes you wonder about your own family, and what you would do if you lost them, what lengths you would go to to find them. It also brought up interesting issues about the appeal of certain children over others, with the concepts of the lovables and Unlovables.

Yes! Thanks to reviewer Melissa for getting it. You can read her full review on her web site (Melissa’s Midnight Musings) and the short version on Goodreads.

Some Strange Comments About Strange Places
The absolutely positively guaranteed way to get people to check out your book. Maybe.

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