A hashtag for students following my writing

As part of my work with high school students in Saskatchewan, one of my teacher colleagues has asked me to start tweeting a writer’s diary as I work on Strange People – the next installment in my Finding Tayna series. She’d like to be able to check in with her class and take the pulse of the project at random times, giving the student’s a behind-the-scenes snapshot into the life of a working writer. This is particularly interesting to me because some of the kids in her class are the same ones (or younger siblings of ) the kids I worked with when I wrote Strange Places.

This will be a delicate balancing act. I want to give enough detail so that those who are keeping track will get a real sense of the tasks, the joys, the frustrations (and the mood swings) that I go through on this project, but I don’t want to ruin the book for them by revealing too much about the plot.

The hashtag is #skstorydiary. I invite you to follow along, and see if I end up nose-diving into the pavement on this one. :-)

And for added fun, I’ve started a progress bar in the right column where I’ll try to give an approximate indication of how far through the project I am.

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